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Lashes and Care

Aftercare and Lash Technique Explanations

Lashes and Care: Products
Classic Lash Set_edited.png

Classic Lash Extensions

This is a 1:1 ratio application of faux mink extensions to your natural lashes. This lash set will be as full as your natural lashes are and cannot be manipulated in fullness.

Hybrid Lash Set_edited.jpg

Hybrid Lash Extensions

This is a mixture of both the volume and classic lash techniques using faux mink lash extensions. This set is suitable for someone who wants a fuller look without committing to a volume lash set. This lash set can be manipulated in fullness, as it uses volume fans in addition to individual lash extension create a fuller effect. The hybrid lash set is also good for a person who has a more sparse natural lash.

Volume Lash set_edited.jpg

Volume Lash Extensions

This is a ratio of up to 10:1 faux mink lash fans to each natural lash. The volume lash set is the most dramatic and fullest. This lash set is suitable for client who wants a dramatic change in there lashes, and, also clients who have sparse, gapped natural lashes.

Fill-ins and Frequency

60 minute/90 minute fill ins

To maintain the health and beauty of your new extensions a fill in is recommended for all lash sets at around 2-3 weeks from your first initial appointment. At The Luxe Aesthetic we offer 60 and 90 minute fill ins to accommodate clients maintenance schedule. Our 60 minute fill is typically good for 2-3 weeks from initial appointment, and the 90 minute fill is good for 3-4 weeks  from initial appointment.

Lashes and Care: Text

Before and Aftercare

Please read all before and aftercare instructions prior to your appointment.


Before Your Appointment

  1. Come to your appointment free of eye makeup.

  2. Do not use heavy oils and creams around your eye area and eyelid.

  3. Do not curl your lashes prior to your appointment. Extensions do not adhere to crimped lashes.

  4. Stay away from drinks that contain caffeine as they can cause twitching and rapid eye moment during your lash appointment.


Aftercare Instructions

  1. Do not expose your lash extensions to water, steam or extreme heat for 48 hours.

  2. When washing and wiping your face, be gentle around the eye area.

  3. Use an oil free, lash extension safe foaming cleanser on your lashes to clean them 2-3 times a week. Use cleanser in conjunction with a soft bristle brush to gently cleanse the lashes.

  4. Do not wipe the lashes directly with anything that has a lot of fibers. This will snag and pull on the extension.

  5. Use oil free products around your eye area as the oils in these products break down the longevity of the lash adhesive. When wearing eye makeup be sure to use oil-free removers.

  6. Do not wear mascara top of extensions. 

  7. Do not pluck or pull on hanging or grown out lash extensions. You can cause permanent follicle damage when you do this.

  8. Lashes shed daily so you should expect to lose approximately 2-5  extensions per day as shedding is completely normal.

Lashes and Care: Services
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