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Fees and Policies

Please Read This Section Thoroughly To Understand

No Show/Cancellations Policy

It is your responsibility at the appointment booker to reschedule or cancel your appointment in a timely manner. You will have 24 hours to do this without being charged a fee of $75. Same day cancellations/No Show appointments are charged a $75 fee as well.

Grace Period/Late Appointments

Every client receives a 10 minute grace period from their scheduled appointment time. After the 10 minute grace period a $20 late fee is accrued and due at end of appointment (Please communicate that you are running late for your appointment!). If you are 11-15 minutes late the time you have remaining for your appointment will be the only time allotted for you. If you are 15 minutes or more late for your scheduled appointment you will have to be rescheduled. This is to respect other client time for their scheduled appointments.

Thin, Short or Weakened natural lashes

During your in person consultation it will be determined if you are an eligible candidate for eyelash extensions. Persons with thin, very short or weakened natural lashes will be refused service due to health of natural lashes.

Refill Policy

Fill ins are recommended for lash extensions that have shed. Fill in appointments do have a set price and and any time spent over that set/booked time will accrue a dollar per minute charge. Refills on other lash artist work in strictly under my discretion. Please be detailed in the comment section if you have previous lash extension work from another lash artist. Otherwise a $25 lash removal service will be required.

Standard Fill policy

All clients who receive fill ins with Crystal Luxe Lash repeatedly will eventually have to get a new lash set. Lash health is important and a key pillar to my customer service. To ensure proper lash growth management and cleanliness it is standard to receive a new lash extension set after 6 fill-in appointments

Minors Policy

All teens under the age of 18 years old has to have consent form a parent or guardian and have to be present to sign consent and waiver form before service is performed.


Please, No extra guests or small children are allowed in lash sessions. This is to avoid interruptions during service.

Student Pricing

To receive any discounted student pricing available, a current school ID or school schedule must be presented at time of service.

Premature Shedding/Rapid Extension Loss

If you experience premature shedding or rapid loss of extensions within 48 hours of service you can come in for a complimentary fill. Premature shedding or Rapid Extension Loss would be characterized by losing 50% or more of the extensions applied to natural lashes. All aftercare instructions would have to be followed for complimentary fill to be granted. (View aftercare instructions)

Final Sale

All lash services are final sale. No refunds or returns can be accommodated for, after services have been rendered.

Fees and Policies: FAQ
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